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Welcome to my Blog dear! …
My name is Chehou Oussoumanou, I am Cameroonian by nationality, studied my higher degree and undergraduate degree in Cairo – Egypt, now I am enrolling my master of Art of strategic communications management at Galatasaray university Istanbul in Turkey.
My domains of skills are: Marketing, marketing communications (IMC) strategic planning, Public Relations, Advertising, Corporate Communication, Reputation management, customer relationships management, Business ethics, mass communication, empirical research, mass media, IT technologies, computer network, Internet & social media, languages and translation (French, Arabic, English, Turkish, Fulani and Hausa)…

So have you decided to know me better? …
Mmm… I think yes, … Then know that, my point of view is simple and realistic, in fact, I wish that everyone’s target and objective always be respecting the human’s value and environmental reputation, because, the humankind fundamental duty is being a peaceful, a lovable, a valuable, a loyal, a sincere and establishing and keeping everyone’s good images and reputation… Really for me it’s what I call happiness!

In fact, let us be who we want to be naturally, be the best leader and the best sociable person in the world… Let us accept ourselves by accepting our micro and macro environment. … Let us accept ourselves by being sincere with ourselves and by being sincere with others humans or nature and event by being sincere with our own sincerity forever.

The Humankind naturally always is good, he wants to see every good thing, he wants to look at every good thing, he wants to hear every good thing, he wants to taste every good thing and even he wants to smell every good thing…. So for that reason human must think by a good way, must communicate with by good words, must act the good actions to gain in the end every good thing he needs and deserves.

And let’s remember that with only one sentence, with only one smile we can build or destroy our Business and social environment, our business or our social images, our business or our social reputation forever!

Of course, a crisis always comes from communication breakdowns… So, let’s communicate effectively forever…                                                                                                   Thanks a lot for your visit and I am happy again to communicate with you.

I wish you a great success in your communications endeavors.
Chehou Ous.