Public diplomacy.

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According to Encyclopedia Britannica, public diplomacy, or people’s diplomacy, is any of various government-sponsored efforts aimed at communicating directly with foreign publics.

Indeed, according to Joseph S. Nye, there are 3 powers in public diplomacy’s

  1. The hard power: Army and Economy, in this approach the target audiences take part by their fear or their interest (fear-based management)
  2. The soft power: Communicate, dialogue, Persuade and convince, in this approach the target audiences take part by their conviction (perception-based management).
  3. The smart power: By combining hard & soft power depending on the circumstances and this will combine effect, by making it superpower and that’s why it’s known as the smart one, in this tactic the target audiences take part by conviction but know that you dialogue because you are kind, also you have his interest and you can be dangerous if necessary. Generally, this approach is using this for a country but also it can be used for profit or not-for-profit organization and even it can start from ourselves

Finally, what do you think of the 3 approaches?  The hard power?  The soft power?  The smart power?   And tell me more about Public Diplomacy…

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