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The ‘4 Models’ of public relations practice: How far have you evolved?

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That’s great really, and, I think even the fourth model; 2-way symmetrical model is the most important in IT generation since we can use it or adapt it for social customer relationship management (interactive communication to co-create our customer value P.Kotler) and social media marketing…


While preparing to teach my first PR class back in ’85, I happened upon “Managing Public Relations,” by Jim Grunig and Todd Hunt. Though I lost track of my copy long ago (never loan textbooks to students — never), one element of that book influenced how I taught and practiced PR for the past 23 years.

Grunig & Hunt’s “4 Models” of public relations practice went on to became the most talked-about theory in the discipline. The “4 Models” describe distinct approaches to public relations in the context of a 130-year timeline that shows how public relations has evolved. In the process, Grunig & Hunt identify an “ideal” approach to public relations — something they call the 2-way symmetrical model — and place it at the top of the evolutionary pyramid.

For me, the 4 Models became more than a teaching tool. When Grunig & Hunt published their theory, I…

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The 10 Rules You Need to Communicate Effectively

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The 10 Rules You Need to Communicate Effectively… That’s really perfect.

Crisis Communications: Dark Sites 101

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The Dark Web or Deep Web
It’s another part of crisis communication’s plan, the online proactive plan.
When bad news or an emergency suddenly strikes an organization, its website is ordinarily the first place the outside world turns to for information. Given the extreme time pressure inherent in crisis management today, there is just no time to construct a new crisis site from scratch. Instead, a prebuilt dark site can be quickly “turned on” as needed during a crisis management situation.

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2008 was a really interesting year for me, professionally, as I was exposed to a tonne of new stuff including online crisis communications. As a result, I wrote the following briefing note for existing and potential clients which I am delighted to share with you. I can in no means call this my own work as with all pieces that go to clients, this was proofed and improved on by another team member – in this case the inimitable Brandy Fleming.

It’s on something that is becoming increasingly important from a communications and crisis preparedness perspective: dark sites.

What is a “dark site”?

A dark site is a pre-developed, non-public Web site that can be published to the live Web in the event of a crisis.

Why develop a dark site?

Online, it is vital to maintain a positive and accurate perception of an organization, especially in the face of…

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Fast Company Names Top 10 Robotics Innovators

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Fast Company Names Top 10 Robotics Innovators?

Does it Matter if You Are Black or White?

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Martin Luther King’s dream ” a dream where  one day black and white kids could hold hands”.  In my point of  view  this dream unfortunatly has not been realized integrally and perfectly till now.

Tall. Black. One Sugar

Michael Jackson sang that it didn’t.
Yet again there are those who argue that it did actually matter to him. Percolate on that one.

There is something peculiar about the need for various countries, cultures and economies around the globe to classify citizens or groups by race categories. In doing so these categorisations have an impact how such groups are perceived whether through education, employment opportunities, law and order and mass media.

To be fair it is not so peculiar when you realise the link between race and economics.
Most of the imperial or colonial juggernauts that cut a swathe of exploratory and economic dominance over the last few centuries did so with a race superiority complex. The effects of which are still being felt in a post colonial world. Regardless of independence.

I am still perplexed why there really has to be racial groupings. Well actually I think I…

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StartupBus Builds Tech Companies in 72 Hours

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Build My Tech Companie in 72 Hours? that’s good!!!

Can we say that “CCDVTP” is a new Marketing Theory ( By Philip Kotler)?

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Can we say that “CCDVTP” is a new Marketing Theory ( Philip Kotler)?

  • Philip Kotler is a well known marketer and professor at Northwestern University in Chicago. He has written and co-written multiple books and textbooks for thousands of students. I personally have two and let’s just say, he is credible. 

    The Strategic Marketing mantra that Kotler talks about is “CCDVTP”: 
    C: CREATE. 
    D: DELIVER. 
    V: THE VALUE. 
    P: AT A PROFIT. 

    Three basic activities required for a SUCCESSFUL FIRM. 

    Product Management: It’s is an OPEN technology, 
    outsource the best technology from outside open 
    technology or open technology. 

    Brand Management: Brand management is Packaging. It’s a 
    PROMISE. It’s all about MIND share, 
    HEART share and now 
    it’s SPIRIT share. 

    Customer Management: Have a database of Customers. 
    It’s just dealing with the date base, a database 
    management. But according to the GURU, 
    you have to meet with the Customers 
    and share his thoughts and CO-CREATE 
    new value to your product. 

    There is a radical change in the thought process of marketing; a 
    new evolution of thought process has come along this new 
    Marketing Mantra. 

    So you, what do you think and say about that?