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New Rules of Marketing and PR

The Social CRM

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The Social CRM is using social media services, techniques and technologies to enable organizations to engage with their customers  (SCRM, But, also the CRM software industries like Microsoft, SAP SE,, Sage Group, Splendid CRM, Sugar CRM, Zoho Office Suite and others are integrating their software with social media platforms in order to realize Social CRM activities.

Do you think in this situation that exists a voice of customers (Social CRM) versus a voice of industries (CRM Social)?


Who Is Customer?

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One day I went to our quarter’s supermarket to buy something and when arrived there I have remarked that the seller was unhappy!
– Are you well (said I)?
– Our today’s customers are no longer okay anymore (replied she)!
– Do you mean that we are no good at all (interrogated I)?
– I don’t mean you, I mean the rest of customers (corrected she)!
– So yourself included (specified I)?
– No! … The customers I said (insisted she)!
– Yes, but you are one of them (persisted I)! Because you are buying and consuming every day as well as all those you are calling customers are doing (clarified I)!
– Finally, our selling expert laughed and I did the same … Then both, without adding a word, we were smiling and laughing till I’ve bought what I wanted to buy and after what I went back to home…

Well, my dear sellers,

We are all customers.

The Generality of Strategic Communication Management (SCM).

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The Strategic Communications,

As you may know the Strategic Communication Management is the control of communication in and out of an organization to promote the clear exchange of information and ideas. Within organizations, it can be used to facilitate meetings between departments, product development, and policy making. In situations where different entities need to work together, like when two government agencies cooperate on a project, strategic communication management can be important to facilitate the smooth direction of the project. This can also play a role in public communications, media interaction, marketing, and crisis control.

Specialists in strategic communication management may work within a company to facilitate discussions; they can also be hired on as consultants for activities like running political campaigns. They work on strategies to allow people to communicate clearly and effectively. Within a company, this could include projects like presenting a product idea to other departments and supervisors. The people with the idea want to make sure it is clearly and effectively conveyed. Working with a consultant, they can make sure they say what they need to say to be persuasive.

Strategic communication management can also be important for writing mission statements, setting company policy, or developing guidance for employees. This can involve meetings with executives from different departments and divisions of a company. If they communicate clearly and develop an effective policy, it can be applied consistently throughout the firm. Efficiency may increase, and the company could serve clients and customers more effectively.

The differents courses or fiels related to it are as bellow:

  • Marketing communication
  • Integrated Marketing
  • Internet marketing
  • Social Media marketing
  • Brand management
  • Corporate communications
  •  Reputation management
  • Public Relations
  • Business development
  •  Business ethics
  • Public affairs
  • Crisis management
  • Health communication
  • Business communications
  • Globalization theory
  •  Virtual society theory
  • Mass communications
  • Visual communications & Cultures
  • Others…

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