Relationship Marketing 3.0

Welcome to Relationship Marketing 3.0

The Relationship Marketing 3.0 is an umbrella of marketing communications, public relations, sales, customer relationship management, Social CRM, social media, digital marketing and others.
Of course, living in our  generation, the generation where, according to Philip Kotler, we are moving from transactional marketing to relationship marketing, the customer are encouraged to interact with the company as well as the company must build relationship with each customer by using web 2.0 and particularly social media. The marketing department became customer relationship department.
The company must shift (Philip Kotler) from solely driving transaction to maximizing customer lifetime value and long-term customer relationships. The modern company must build a long-term satisfying relations with key parties ” customers, suppliers, distributors” in order to retain their long-term preference and business (Philip Kotler). We are here to learn and teach how to implement relationship marketing by the help of Information technology in order to develop our business, develop our environment and develop our society…

Finally, we are here to create our business network which is consist not only of our company but also of our supporting stakeholders “customers, employees, suppliers, distributors, retailers, ad agencies, university scientists, and others” with whom we will built mutually profitable long-run business relationships.

I wish you success and all the best in your business endeavours and I look forward to our future communications.

Chehou Ous.

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