Fast Company Names Top 10 Robotics Innovators

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Fast Company Names Top 10 Robotics Innovators?

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Robotics is the fastest growing industry in the world, poised to become the largest in the next decade. This according a recent report by Littler Mendelson, a large global labor and employment law firm.

Robotic systems, artificial intelligence, and automation are developing at an exponential rate, infiltrating almost every industry and driving cost and resource efficiencies far beyond what can be achieved by humans alone.  

Robots are becoming the tool of choice in healthcare, where they are independently performing surgeries and helping to cure cancer with minimal side effects. Robots are autonomously driving cars and even serving us drinks. And they are considered the next “big disruptive technology” in manufacturing as they assemble, machine, and handle all sorts of shop-floor tasks.

Fast Company recently paid tribute to this rapidly growing industry, recognizing the world’s top 10 most innovative robotics companies.

The publication’s editor and managing director, Robert Safian, notes…

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